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The tapes are specially designed for French native speakers, (communications are in English and explanations in French). They include several complete recordings of real flights with detailed explanations. They are highly recommended to all French speaking students. Save several hours of flight training !

Samples:     ATIS (334KB)  hp.gif (942 octets)           Taxi clearance (108KB) hp.gif (942 octets)         Take-off clearance  (33KB) hp.gif (942 octets)

VFR Radio Communications
Two tapes; basic and advanced

k7_1.jpg (9173 octets)  k7_2.jpg (9121 octets) Price: $25 or 21 €

Tape number 1 : BASIC VFR (60 minutes)

Side 1 : Clearances for taxi, take-off and landing on a controlled airport.
Side 2 : Uncontrolled field procedures. Radar controlled flight.

Tape number 2 : ADVANCED VFR (90 minutes)

            Full flight between two San Diego airports.   

IFR Radio Communications

(includes the two previous VFR tapes)

k7_1.jpg (9173 octets) k7_2.jpg (9121 octets) k7_3.jpg (9253 octets) Price: $35 or 30 €

Full flight between two San  Diego airports with  a localiser and an ILS approach.

For a minimum investment of 21 € or 30 €, those cassettes will  make you save several hours of dual flight training for a value of several hundred euros. They will speed up your solo checkout and your IFR training.

To order:

Send a check in euros to the address below. For Europe, expect to receive your order in one week.

Jean-Jacques Bellier
10770  Jamacha Blvd  Spc 125
Spring Valley, CA 91978 (USA)


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