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Course outline:
  1. Basic procedures.
  2. Emergency procedures.
  3. IFR procedures (after completion of the IFR single engine course)
a - VFR:
10 hours Seneca I
10 hours of flight instruction
5 hours ground training 
b - IFR:
5 hours Seneca I
5 hours of flight instruction
2 hours ground training


Prerequisites: VFR: Private Pilot, IFR: Private Pilot, Instrument rating
Completion time: VFR minimum 4 days, IFR minimum 2 days.

Flight instruction can be performed on Piper Seneca I, Seminole or Beechcraft Duchess.

Prices are subject to change without notice, due to gas price variations, contact Jean-Jacques to get the latest prices.

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For information about flight training contact Jean-Jaques, for remarks about the web site contact Frédéric.