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We have agreements with several local flying clubs, that give us access to more than 65 airplanes, from the Cessna 150 to the Cessna Citation. Those clubs are:

Flyers, Inc.
Plus one Flyers


FLIGHT PAYMENTS: Flyers and Plus One Flyers have a $15 initial fee and a $19 monthly due payable annually.  All clubs will charge you a minimum of six months except Sorbi that will charge on a month to month basis. All these clubs have insurances of at least one million dollars.

All the clubs accept major credit cards. Training has to be payed cash or with travellers checks. Prices are subject to change without notice due to gas price variations, contact Jean-Jacques to get the latest prices.

You do not need to pay everything upfront but by chunks of 200 or $500 at a time. For long cross country flights lasting several days we ask a deposit for the minimum amount of flight time.


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For information about flight training contact Jean-Jaques, for remarks about the web site contact Frédéric.